Generating generic questions for calendar activity.

OverviewOne of the tasks for GSoC 2019, was adding multiple datasets to calendar activities, but along with the task I also planned on adding another inprovement to the activity. The activity initially used hardcoded questions and answesr regarding calenders. The dataset for which looked like data: [ { "navigationBarVisible" : true, "minimumDate": "2018-01-01", "maximumDate": "2018-12-31", "visibleMonth": 1, "visibleYear": 2018, "mode": "findMonthOnly", "questionsExplicitlyGiven": true, "questionAnswers": [ { "question": qsTr("Find the month starting a Thursday and having 28 days"), "answer": {"month": [1]} }, { "question": qsTr("Find a month starting a Monday and having 31 …

Overriding Wordlist component function to use Multiple Datasets.

OverviewOne of the tasks for GSoC 2019 included adding multiple datasets to smallNumbers activity. The aim of the activity is to teach students to count the number of object on the falling item. But the activity is not an independent activity, but it is the sub-activity of the parent activity gletters. In gletter the overall working is the same, apart from the fact that this time their are no falling objects but alphabets, and the student has to identify the falling alphabet and press the corresponding button on the keyboard. So to manage different types of falling items the activity uses a separate core component i.e. Wordlist. Now since the task was to implement the multiple datasets for smallnumbers activity without affecting the functionalitiy of its parent activity gletters, I had to make some changes in wordlist component.Wordlist initially reading dataThe Wordlist component uses a loadFromFile function which is provided the path to the file location which contains the dataset. …

Multiple Datasets: Tutorial

GcomprisMultiple dataset Migration of an ActivityThis post is a step by step tutorial for adding multiple datasets to an activity in Gcompris.
The procedure of adding multiple datasets to an activity is fairly simple in Gcompris. The steps for it are given below.
Note: In these steps we'll refer the activity in consideration as current_activity. Also we assume that we plan to add 3 datasets to current_activity.PROCEDUREAdd the following line to current_activity/ActivityInfo.qml filelevels: "1,2,3" The above line indicates that that the activity will contain 3 datasets and will automatically create the dataset selection menu for the activity with 3 options.
exampleimport GCompris 1.0 ActivityInfo { name: "money/Money.qml" difficulty: 2 icon: "money/money.svg" author: "Bruno Coudoin <>" demo: false //: Activity title title: qsTr("Money") //: Help title description: qsTr("Practice mo…

Multiple Datasets: Overview

OverviewFor Google Summer of Code 2019, I am working on KDE community's project Gcompris. GCompris is a high quality educational software suite, including a large number of activities for children aged 2 to 10. Currently GCompris offers more than 100 activities, and more are being developed. For me the journey from making my first contribution to Gcompris, to my Google Summer of Code Project has been very interesting, and in this post I'll be discussing about my GSoC project i.e Adding multiple datasets to GcomprisWhat are multiple datasets ?Most of the activities are provided a dataset in json(mostly) format, which contains data about the various parameters of an activity separated in various levels that determine the functioning of the activity.
Adding multiple datasets to an activity means adding multiple data files each containing different sets of levels, and providing user the functionality to switch to any datasets that he wishes to use.Why multiple datasets ?For an a…